(20 teams)

Birmingham (Michael Wilby)
St Paul's Cathedral, London (St Paul's Cathedral Guild of Ringers)
Ancient Society of College Youths
Southwark Cathedral
Chilcompton (Andy Mead)
Melbourne (Tim Peverett)
Oxford, Christ Church (Oxford Society)
Wimborne Minster
Society of Royal Cumberland Youths
Norwich St Peter Mancroft (Simon Rudd)
Ipswich, St Mary le Tower
Norman Tower, Bury St Edmunds (Norman Tower BSE)
Guildford (Richard Burton)

Oxford, Christ Church (Oxford Society)

Ringer nameAssociation with centre
Bond, SimonWeekly
Cresshull, JonathanWeekly
Eyles, AlanWeekly
Frye, LizzieWeekly
Griggs, ChrisWeekly
Hall, RobinWeekly
Jones, SteveWeekly
Knight, JoannaWeekly
Lee, ColinWeekly
Rothera, HazelWeekly
Tarrant, MarkWeekly
Thomas, DavidWeekly
White-Spunner, CameronWeekly
Barrington, DavidWeekly
Bell, MarkOther
Bettinson, HenryWeekly
Edwards, SimonWeekly
Gibson, StuartWeekly
Gingell, RebeccaMonthly
Hall, DorothyWeekly
Knott, ChapmanMonthly
Mills, JonWeekly
Ockwell, DavidWeekly
Stonham, KatherineWeekly
Winter, MicheleWeekly
Youdale, RichardWeekly
Bardsley, OliOther
Mills, RyanMonthly
Nelson, StuartWeekly
Esbester, MikeOther
(30 ringers)
I have used "other" for those who were eligible pre-pandemic but have yet to return to ringing with us as regularly as they were previously.

Contact information
Team leader:Robin Hall, President
Rules met
Recordings permission
Copyright acknowledgement
Photos permission
Additions to be notified
Payment made
Time:13:19:15, Fri Nov 26, 2021