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Birmingham (Michael Wilby)
St Paul's Cathedral, London (St Paul's Cathedral Guild of Ringers)
Ancient Society of College Youths
Southwark Cathedral
Chilcompton (Andy Mead)
Melbourne (Tim Peverett)
Oxford, Christ Church (Oxford Society)
Wimborne Minster
Society of Royal Cumberland Youths
Norwich St Peter Mancroft (Simon Rudd)
Ipswich, St Mary le Tower
Norman Tower, Bury St Edmunds (Norman Tower BSE)
Guildford (Richard Burton)

Ancient Society of College Youths

Ringer nameAssociation with centre
Joanna M AinsworthMonthly
Susan L ApterOther
Andrew P F BradfordWeekly
Adam A BradyWeekly
Martin J CansdaleWeekly
Paul L CarlessOther
Stephen A CoakerWeekly
Henry D CoggillWeekly
Oliver D CrossOther
Graham G FirmanWeekly
Andrew J GrahamOther
David E HouseOther
John N Hughes-D'AethMonthly
Robert W LeeWeekly
James C MarchbankWeekly
Simon S MeyerWeekly
Andrew D MeyerWeekly
Jemma L MeyerWeekly
Benjamin J MeyerWeekly
Colin G NewmanWeekly
Ryan S NobleWeekly
David F PerkinsWeekly
Richard B PullinWeekly
Phillip P RidleyWeekly
Philip RogersWeekly
Tessa K SimpsonWeekly
Leigh D G SimpsonWeekly
Alistair A F SmithWeekly
Alex W TatlowMonthly
Paul J TieboutMonthly
James J WatkinsWeekly
(31 ringers)
The ringers marked "Other" either haven't attended a practice yet or have only come 1 time since July - due to covid. It is hoped that they might become regular enough in time for the competition - although if not they will not be included in our band. Tessa Simpson, Leigh Simpson, Ben Meyer, Jemma Meyer, Adam Brady, Graham Firman - these ringers all attend every other week/twice a month - Not weekly. Some of the monthly attenders will become weekly/every other week.

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Team leader:Ryan Noble, Master
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Time:13:17:4, Tue Nov 23, 2021