for the Taylor Trophy

The 2018 Eliminators took place at Ossett, Selby and Southwell on Saturday 24th March – details below.

Congratulations to: the Ancient Society of College Youths, Birmingham, Bristol, Exeter, Guildford, Leeds, Melbourne, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Society of Royal Cumberland Youths who will join Cambridge in the final in June.

 The Final will take place at Great St Mary’s, Cambridge
on Saturday 23rd June.
DRAW: 1100
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from the Society of Cambridge Youths

Katherine L Town (chief)
Jennifer E Earis
Benjamin J Carey

Eliminators: first six leads of Cambridge S Maximus, brought round with plain hunt;
Final: one lead of Primrose S Maximus followed by five leads of Cambridge S Maximus.


Ossett Selby Southwell
Draw at 1130am Draw at 11am Draw at 11am
Local information Local information Local information
Katherine L Town (chief)
Jonathan A Agg
David J Dearnley
Jennifer E Earis (chief)
Anthony J Bloomfield
David J Pipe
Benjamin J Carey (chief)
Helen M Beaumont
Thomas W Griffiths
5th: Chilcompton (3h40, 58%)
1st: ASCY (3h39, 77%)
4th: High Wycombe (3h39, 60%)
3rd: Leeds (3h31, 68%)
2nd: Exeter (3h33, 75%)
6th: Towcester (3h29, 50%)
1st: Birmingham (3h24, 90%)
3rd: SRCY (3h34, 80%)
4th: Southwark (3h44, 70%)
5th: Stockton (3h51, 65%)
6th: Chester (3h27, 59%)
2nd: St Paul’s (3h38, 81%)
3rd: Guildford (3h36, 73%)
4th: Oxford (3h35, 71%)
1st: Bristol (3h33, 83%)
6th: Norwich (3h37, 55%)
2nd: Melbourne (3h39, 78%)
5th: Wimborne Minster (3h28, 65%)


Committee Chairman:
Tim J Peverett

Chief Judge for 2018:
Katherine L Town

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