Chief Judge: Thomas J Hinks

assisted by David J Dearnley and Katherine L Town

Tom recently published an article in the Ringing World about
judging 12-bell contests … read it online here

Chairman: Tim J Peverett

The Final is taking place
at Southwark Cathedral!

The draw:

1130 Birmingham
1200 Exeter
1230 SRCY
1300 Southwark
1330 Melbourne
1400 Bristol
1430 St Paul’s Cathedral
1500 Cambridge
1530 High Wycombe
1600 ASCY

Can’t be here? 
Listen to the LIVE BROADCAST by Matthew Tosh
Tune in to our YouTube Channel from 10:45am

The draw and results will be posted here
and on Facebook and Twitter later today.

The test piece is six leads of
Cambridge Surprise Maximus
(brought round with 1T lead-end)

Here are the results of the Eliminators
which took place on Saturday 25th March 2017 …

St Philip
St Margaret
Judges: David J Dearnley
Benjamin J Carey
Katherine L Town
Stephanie J Pattenden
Thomas J Hinks
Hannah L Taylor
1st place Birmingham (88%) Bristol (82%) Exeter (82%)
2nd place St Paul’s (76%)
Melbourne (76%)
SRCY (80%) ASCY (80%)
3rd place High Wycombe (65%) Cambridge (78%)
4th place Guildford (70%) Norwich (62%) Oxford (70%)
5th place Towcester (52%) Walsall (55%) Macclesfield (50%)