Articles and Media Coverage

The contest committee and judges occasionally publish articles during the contest year. Additionally, media outlets sometimes provide coverage. Where possible, these are available below. If you are aware of any other articles published online, please send links to

2023 Contest

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2017 Contest

  • Tom Hinks (chief judge) discussed his plans for judging the contest in ‘How to Win: Judging a 12-Bell’. This first appeared in the Ringing World on Friday 10th March 2017 (issue 5524, p. 220-221).
  • Michael O’Hagan (contest secretary) and Tim Peverett (contest chairman) published an article on preparations for the 2017 Contest. This first appeared in the Ringing World on Friday 24th February 2017 (issue 5522, p. 172-173).
  • The Exeter Daily Press reported ahead of the eliminator at Sheffield

2015 Contest

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2006 Contest

2004 Contest

  • Stephanie Warboys (contest chairman) summarised the contest’s development over its 30-year history. Reproduced here by kind permission of the author and the Editor of The Ringing World.

1991 Contest

Live broadcast archive

Matthew Tosh and his team have provided a live broadcast of the Contest final since 2013. These can be viewed on the Contest’s YouTube Channel or from the links below: