About this site

The main purpose of this site is to provide an ongoing archive of information and results about the National 12-bell Striking Contest, a resource that has not previously been collated together. The vast majority of the information has been directly taken from reports in The Ringing World and I am very grateful to Tina Stoecklin, Robert Lewis and Will Bosworth for allowing me to do this and for providing a number of the band photographs that are also included. I am also grateful to the York Minster Society of Change Ringers for providing band details and photographs from the 1980 Final.

The biggest problem with using The Ringing World as the central resource is that, over the years, methods of reporting the Contest have been diverse, with the upshot that the data is, in many cases, incomplete or, in one or two instances, non-existent. For example, sometimes band lists were omitted; on other occasions they were included but conductors not.

I am now reliant on members or associates of competing bands to help me fill in the gaps. If you do have any additional information then please e-mail me at archivist@12bell.org.uk. If you have band photographs that you could let me have and you are able to scan them, it would be preferable if you could let me have them in JPEG format, cropped reasonably closely around the ringers (see what I’ve done already), and sized to a width of 400 pixels; obviously the higher the quality the better. If you don’t have access to a scanner, but would be willing to send me photographs through the post, please e-mail me for my home address.

Major site updates:

  • In August 2023 the site was moved to a new host, courtesy of the Central Council, with significant and valuable input from Chris Griggs. I am extremely grateful to Chris for his considerable efforts.
  • In August 2011 the site was ported into WordPress. Many thanks are due to Martin Cansdale for his helpful advice in this regard.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the content or accuracy of these pages, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

David G Hull
Contest Archivist