Missing Information

There are still a number of gaps on this website so if anyone does have any of the information listed below, I should be very glad to receive it.

  • 1977 final at Southwark
    • Conductors for Bristol, Leicester, Reading, SRCY
  • 1978 final at Birmingham
    • Conductors for ASCY, Bristol, Derby, Leicester, Reading, St Paul’s Cathedral, SRCY 
  • 1979 eliminator at Leicester
    • What happened to the Grundisburgh team?
  • 1982 final at Manchester
    • Band placing for St Paul’s
    • Conductors for Bristol, St Paul’s, SRCY
  • 1984 final at St Paul’s Cathedral
    • Conductor for Leicester
  • 1991 eliminator at Reading
    • Co-judges (with John Fielden). Was it you?
  • 1993 final at Towcester
    • Conductors for ASCY, Bristol, Guildford, High Wycombe, SRCY, Towcester

The figures for the following test pieces are missing:

  • 1977 Final (Southwark) – 399 Stedman (figures found in the back of Nigel Thomson’s diary – corroboration needed)

In addition to the above, there are many missing peal speeds and orders of ringing which I am less than hopeful of ever managing to track down.

As ever, any other memorabilia connected with the contest is very welcome, particularly photographs and copies of certificates. Also any personal memories of events, factual, humorous or otherwise.

Many thanks are due to Paul Mounsey, Nigel Thomson, David House, Chris Kippin, George Unsworth, Simon Humphrey, John Fielden, Derek Thomas, Linda Garton, Mike Chilcott, Stephanie Warboys, Phil Orme, Olly Cross, Garry Mason, Stephanie Pattenden, Andrew (Fred) Mitchell, John Cornock, Chris Rogers, Harold Rogers, Peter Sanderson, Jim Diserens, Roy LeMarechal, Phil Rogers, Anthea Edwards, Maurice Edwards, Stuart Hutchieson, Dickon Love, Rod Pipe, Martyn Marriott, John Hughes-D’Aeth, Charles Botting, Mike Orme, Frank Rivett, Carol Franklin, Adrian Udal, Andrew Keech, Paul Jopp, Patrick Brooke, Heather Kippin, Eleanor Kippin, Martin Turner, Becky Bruce, Geoff Sparling and Neil Buswell, Pete Sanderson, Phil Orme, and anyone I may have forgotten, who have helped fill in so many gaps.