2023 Contest

Chief Judge: Ben Carey

Congratulations to Birmingham who have won this year’s contest. Full results are available via the Complete Results page.

Listen back to all of the action from Sheffield on the National 12-bell broadcast, presented by Matthew Tosh, live on YouTube.

The draw for the order of ringing was:

Team A1130Birmingham
Team B1200Cambridge
Team C1230Bristol
Team D1300St Paul’s Cathedral
Team E1330Melbourne
Team F1400Society of Royal Cumberland Youths
Team G1430Ancient Society of College Youths
Team H1500Sheffield
Team I1530Leeds
Team J1600Exeter

The judges were Ben Carey (chief), David Dearnley and Lucinda Woodward. More information about the day can be found on Sheffield’s website.

The test piece was the first six leads of Cambridge Surprise Maximus, brought round with plain hunt.

The eliminators took place at Cheltenham, Hursley and Melbourne on Saturday 25th March.

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