for the Taylor Trophy

Chief Judge: Robert C Kippin

assisted by Linda M Garton and Robert H Newton

Test piece: 6 leads of Cambridge Surprise Maximus

This year’s final was held at Ripon Cathedral on Saturday June 22.

Congratulations to Birmingham who won the contest for an unprecedented fourth consecutive time.
Full results are available here.

Matthew Tosh broadcast via an internet stream at the final, the results of which can be heard at

Local information for the final can be found here.

Those that did the hard work!

The Ripon team who did all the hard work.  Thank you, all!

Test piece for the final:
288 Cambridge Surprise Maximus, 1T at the first lead end followed by 5 plain leads to bring back to rounds.


Chairman: Tim J Peverett

Chief Judge for 2018: Katherine L Town
Team leaders! Don't forget that if you are planning to enter the 2018 Contest you must do so by 5pm next Friday,...
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Don't forget to enter the 2018 Contest! You need to submit your entry form and fee by 5pm on Friday 24th...
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*** VACANCY - CONTEST SECRETARY *** Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to contribute to ringing at a...
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The Cambridge Youths are out testing a potential brewery to supply the beer for the 2018 final. Tasty work!
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